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The problem of non-static trains of thought
  The problem of non-static trains of thought

The most common experience of all human beings who begin to practice meditation is that the mind jumps from one subject to that of another and it is difficult to keep it still and concentrated upon one subject. One can focus or concentrate upon one specific thing and then the mind will jump to something else almost immediately! Following sustained periods of meditation practice it will be readily found that all this changes and slowly but surely those that try diligently, will find it becomes easier and easier to keep the mind static and in focus on a given entity. When this happens it means that the individual has progressed to a higher plane of a sub conscious state and it is then that the full benefits of meditation practice will begin to be felt. In pragmatic terms it will be found that progressively, all body movements cease and all thought processes become absolutely motionless.

The Significant benefits of Meditation for all

Meditation brings the mind to a static entirely peaceful condition by which means all stress and bodily discomfort is alleviated. Consequently one=s physical condition is greatly improved and the aspects of lifespan are much increased. So just because you feel hale and hearty it does not mean that you cannot benefit greatly from this age old process of meditation! Begin to practise NOW and reap the benefits for the rest of your life !

Various approaches to Meditation

It must be fairly stated that there are many ways in which meditation can be undertaken. Emphasis needs to be placed upon the fact that the process of meditation need not be associated with any form of religion whatsoever! In fact the benefits derived from meditation were well known in ancient times in many parts of the world but it seems that for the most part it remains as a central feature mostly in the many forms of Buddhism. As a matter of interest the two principle types of meditation practised in Thailand are Samadhi, which is described as a tranquil meditation and Vipassana which is referred to as insight meditation. The latter being the more difficult and one which should only be undertaken under the guidance of an experienced mentor

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