The Auspicious Days
Auspicious Day 1st November 2005
 Tuesday 1st November 2005

This day is good for meditaion and implore from the above.

Meditation time 16.39 - 17.39 hr.

Getting higher and defeat the enemy.
Auspicious Day 15th November 2005
 Tuesday 15th November 2005

The moon get the right position. Goodluck for all work.

Meditation time 16.39 - 17.39 hr.
The Auspicious Period

The Auspicious Period between 16 April 2005 - 16 April 2006

- Monday is a great day and a bad day at the same time. It is not good for any auspicious occasions.

- Sunday is an evil day. Not good for doing any thing except 2 days

- Saturday is a master day.

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